1991 Yearbook

Posted by Leah Mesches on May 26, 2010 5:16:26 AM

Former campers from 1991, enjoy your yearbook!

  • The Dow Jones tops 3000 for the first time, the champagne is popped and economic recovery is in site!
  • Internet is made available to commercial users, do you remember dial up modems??
  • Airbag is invented, and has been saving lives and hitting people in the face ever since.
  • Release of Nirvana’s Nevermind signifies the start of the grunge era.
  • The films Beethoven, Beauty and the Beast and Father of the Bride are movie gold. Now they are classics!
  • Average price of rent hits an all time high at $495- you can’t even buy a TV for that price now!

We hope this brings back fond memories of the early 90s! Enjoy your yearbook!


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