A Manifesto to Strength

Posted by Steve Baskin on Feb 13, 2019 8:00:00 AM

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In recent years, we have read a great deal about grit and resilience.

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The Supreme Court and Camp

Posted by Steve Baskin on Jun 17, 2016 4:07:48 PM

HT_scalia_ginsburg_trip_mm_150215_4x3_992.jpgWhen Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died this spring, I was surprised to learn about his relationship with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

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Benefits of Summer Camp: It's Like College, Just A Little Early

Posted by Carlen Long on May 29, 2016 11:46:35 AM



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Camp Geek: Growth Mindsets and Praise

Posted by Carlen Long on Mar 18, 2016 11:25:01 AM


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Learning Skills At Summer Camp: Outdoors

Posted by Carlen Long on Mar 8, 2016 9:43:28 AM


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Why Go Tech Free in a Technological World?

Posted by Carlen Long on Dec 11, 2015 4:20:16 PM


One of our favorite things about resident camp is that it’s almost entirely tech free (for the campers). Instead of being distracted by the buzz and glare of a cell phone screen or TV, kids at camp engage in meaningful face-to-face interactions with everyone they meet. They are running, swimming, climbing, and enjoying the outdoors instead of sitting in front of a computer or Xbox. It’s free play at its finest: allowing kids to be kids and have fun without relying on technology.

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