1981 Yearbook!

Posted by Leah Mesches on May 4, 2010 10:04:46 AM

For all you children of the eighties, not to worry, we did not forget about you! Hot off the retro-press, back to a time when:

  • DOS is released by Microsoft.  This is an odd thought – at this time, no one had heard of Bill Gates, no one had home computers and no one had created any Microsoft jokes.
  • You spent hours at a time completely captivated by playing Frogger, Asteroids, Oregon Trail and Pac-Man.
  • Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, the Prince of Wales are married.  Fathers worldwide worry that daughters wedding expectations are now ridiculously high.
  • Ronald Reagan is elected president at the age of 69 (this is the oldest president we have elected to date!) and boy was he cool! During this same year, President Reagan was shot, but this attempted assassination failed.
  • The wreckage from the Titanic is found in the North Atlantic.  People obsess on how to release the riches of this find – few guess that it will eventually be film director James Cameron (who in 1981 worked on “Escape From New York”.
  • Muhammad Ali retires.  Boxing loses most of its cool factor.
  • 3M launches Post-It Notes, creating the most effective way ever to leave notes for children on mirrors.
  • MTV, the channel that now brings you tons of reality shows and a variety of pop culture programs, launched on August 1. “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles is the first music video EVER played on MTV! This channel introduced all music, all the time. MTV and it’s VJ’s changed pop culture dramatically.


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