Posted by Leah Mesches on May 10, 2010 7:05:51 AM

For all you children of the 80's here is another, never before published online, yearbook. Straight from the Camp Champions Vault!

  • The US Stock Market crashes on "Black Monday." Steve Sir was actually working at Goldman Sachs and saw a LOT of freaked out traders. At least the markets have stabilized since then! What? They have been doing what? Never mind.
  • The population of the world reaches five billion, most of whom visit the malls after Thanksgiving
  • Kitty Litter is invented and cats get to watch humans scoop away waste. Seriously, if space aliens landed on Earth, we would be hard-pressed to convince them that humans and not cats, rule the world.
  • The Simpsons is seen on TV for the first time. Of course, this means that there was a time when the Simpsons were NOT on TV. Bet your children will NOT believe this one!
  • U2's "With or Without You"  tops the charts. So U2 has been around even longer than the Simpsons. Of course, they will even make an appearance on the animated show, thus completing the circle of life.
  • Fatal Attraction is a hit movie, thereby reducing the popularity of bunny rabbits as pets.


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