An Encouraging Email From a Camp Family

Posted by Kate Hutson on Apr 7, 2020 3:01:01 PM


We recently received an encouraging email from a camp family that we think is worth sharing with our community. This is from the family of a longtime camper who is using the "gift of Camp Champions" during these trying times.


"I hope all of the wonderful staff of CC are well and safe.

I was talking to Craw Ma’am via email a few days ago and she asked how {camper name} was doing; and it dawned on me how well she has navigated these uncertain times.  It’s because of Camp Champions and wonderful role models like you, the Baskins, and the other staff at CC that she has learned the gifts of adaptability, resilience and finding joy and fun in circumstances that others might see as terrifying. 

I also want to share my appreciation with the CC team on how much we’ve loved virtual Camp.  It’s been a highlight of our day! 

While we don’t know what the future holds for Term 1 or the rest of the summer, know that we are ready to flex and do whatever we need to in order to support Camp Champions and the vitally important work you do!"