Becoming a Golden Oldie

Posted by Ben Chinisci on Dec 2, 2016 2:19:31 PM
Ben Chinisci

What is a Golden Oldie?

There are several distinctions you can earn over time here at Camp Champions, however few have as treasured a reward as this one.  When you return for your sixth year to camp, you become a Golden Oldie!  Not only does being a Golden Oldie represent your time as a valued member of our community, but it also comes with a book that chronicles years (six, to be exact) of amazing memories that you’ll look back on fondly for the rest of your life.

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An awesome way to celebrate our campers!

In commemoration of this honor, we've undertaken our most ambitious camper recognition project to date: we compiled and organized photos for each camper who has been here for six years and assembled them into a hardcover book!  These books have a beautiful layout, with a high-quality finish and hand-picked photos of your camp experience.  This is a sign of gratitude from us to you for loving camp as long as you have.  Not only have you been a part of our family for six years, but you’ve absolutely left your mark on camp as well.  

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"Favorite" your photos

We post hundreds of camp photos a day throughout the summer, and we would love to incorporate some of your favorites into your personal book. Parents and campers, please take the time to “favorite” the photos you like online and we will work them into each book we create. Even if you’re a first time camper, start marking your favorite photos so you have a great Golden Oldie book to look forward to!

Note to newer camper familiesIf your child is a newer camper, you might wonder why we share this with you.  This is because the software we use to identify campers actually misses about 1/3 of the total shots they're in: if the computer cannot "see" both eyes in the shot, it fails to recognize the camper.  Therefore, we also utilize the photos that parents earmark as “Favorites” during the summer.  We want to encourage you to mark the best pictures of your camper as a “Favorite” so that s/he will have the best possible Golden Oldie book when it is their time!

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