Camp. Is. Here!

Posted by Steve Baskin on Jun 7, 2020 10:30:00 PM
Steve Baskin
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Normally, my first blog is mostly informative.  I report on how the day went and give some specific examples.  But I want to do a little more than just inform. I want to share.


But allow me to inform first.


Your children are pretty remarkable.  I can assure you that the unusual opening was harder on you and us than on them.  You might have left feeling unsure or uncomfortable.  By the time you were 40 miles away, they were situated in their cabin, had enjoyed their first cabin meeting (when they made their cabin rules) and have played some games.


Each division had its own meeting to talk about some of the important things we will be doing to make camp healthier, from handwashing to modified meal schedules.  We explained we will be taking their temperature and checking on their health daily. 


We also talked about the new “cabin leader” system.  Cabins will travel together to activity areas with one of their counselors.  Don’t worry, the older campers (those who finished 4th and up) will still get activity choices 3 times per day, but they will also have counselors accompanying them.  I will explain the “cabin/cohort” system in a future email, but the cabin leaders give us counselors that can work “up close” with campers to help them with all theirsedentary quarantinvactivities. 


But what has struck me is not the changes.  Sure, we have been obsessing over how to execute camp using a different set of guidelines.  When you have been doing anything for a while, changing it can be tricky.  As a result, we have spent many days and nights thinking about “new” stuff.


But camp is about the “old” stuff. – those things that are uniquely extraoridary about camp.  What is most important is what is still the same:


  • Friendships
  • Joy
  • Laughter
  • Games
  • The 4 Rs (respect, responsibility, reaching out and taking reasonable risks)
  • Being silly
  • Being loud
  • Feeling the breeze on your face.
  • Looking at stars.
  • Talking with friends and adults without a single person looking at a phone, tablet or screen.


Also, after months of sedentary quarantine, being at camp is extra sweet.


Please know that we are keeping an extra-close eye on your precious ones.  The past few months have been odd for all of us, so we are ready not only to play, but to listen and love.


We hope you enjoy the photos, blogs, camp-tweets and occasional video we put together for you.  Why should the campers be the only ones having any fun?


Steve Sir


PS  As I write this, we have played “taps” and are winding down our first day.  Your favorite people are in their cabins and heading to bed (if they are not already asleep).  We look forward to a great day tomorrow!

PPS I include the photo of Dodger Ma'am because that is how we all feel tonight after a full and fun day!