Falling in Love with The Best Summer Camp in Texas

Posted by Robyn Rosenberg on Oct 22, 2014 2:37:00 PM

I am the Office Manager here at camp full time. I love camp; I have always loved camp since I first stepped onto this property in 1999 and I will continue to love camp forever. Over 15 years and four or five different titles, three things remain constant and keep the magic of this place alive:

1.      The People

2.      The Community

3.      The Love




The people are remarkable. Steve sir always says “we could run the best camp on an acre of asphalt.”  I believe this to be true because of the people who work here. I attended a small private school in Dallas growing up and made a core group of friends. I can’t remember the last time we all got together again. In college, I was affiliated in a sorority and made good friends through it but lost touch after graduating.

The one constant in my life after 15 years is my summer camp family. Most of my camp friends are people I met as a counselor, one of whom is a former cabin mate of mine who left camp after 2004 and returned in 2009 as a counselor. We rekindled our friendship and remain lifelong friends. The people you meet here are genuine, loyal, and loving. No matter the circumstance or situation I find myself in, I know I can count on my camp friends to give me support, guidance, encouragement, and cheer.


The community that makes up Camp Champions is amazing. When you are at camp and fully immersed in the community you feel like you are in a beautiful bubble, the Camp bubble. Once you’ve entered the bubble, it stays with you. Campers and counselors never forget when treat time is or that it must be corn dogs and mac and cheese day at the Fillin’ Station because it is Tuesday. Everyone asks about camp because they miss it in a way I cannot describe.

Under Acropolis (a building on camp) are the wooden plaques of all the winners of Spirit of the Torch, the camper chosen as most representative of the values of camp during each term of the summer. This accomplishment resonates with all the campers and their desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves is evident. This desire can be felt when you walk to Torchlight with your cabin, climbing on the Pirate Ship, playing pickelball, or practicing for Jam Session. No matter how long your tenure was at camp, the community outside and inside lives and thrives every day.


The love of camp is inside every person that is or was a camper or counselor. Camp Champions is my biggest passion in life. It is hard to believe that I have spent 15 years at this place. My first cabin of girls that I was counselor for will be graduating high school in May! Some of my previous campers are already in college or have graduated from college already. I met the man I am going to marry at camp! I have seen 26 girls honored as Spirit of the Torch; 31 Miss Champini Winners; 93 Trojan/Spartan Games; 31 Sing Songs; and 31 Closing Ceremonies. While I may not be the loudest, most outgoing, or most creative, Camp Champions accepted me for who I am and has made me into the person I am today.

I am not sure if there is something in the water here, but Camp Champions is a magical place. I learned for myself that between all of the fun activities and cabin memories, the fundamentals like independence, perseverance, responsibility, and friendship are taught each day. Ask someone who came to camp in 1967 or someone in 2014 and I bet you will get the same answers.

I love camp, and I truly believe that Camp Champions is the best summer camp in Texas. I have always loved camp and will continue to love camp for the people who come here, for the community that shapes us, and for the love that we share!



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