Mixing Up the Days

Posted by Steve Baskin on Jul 20, 2019 7:08:17 PM
Steve Baskin
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One of the keys to a happy camp is providing variety.


Of course, having over 50 activities to choose from is a great start. Campers are doing different things every hour of every day.


We also vary our evening activities every day.


But there is also value in changing the schedule altogether.


So today, we had All Camp Super Camp Fun Day (ACSCFD). What this means is that campers got to choose their own activities all morning. We open a bunch of activities and also add some things that only can happen on ACSCFD. But we also allow campers the option to read, play card games or just hang out.


In the afternoon, we threw a special event we call Beach Party. We had a live band.  Sadly, I arrived just after they finished.


We had tons of water activities, volleyball games and a wide array of inflatables to make it extra special.


Tonight, we will have Trojan-Spartan initiation (more on that later) in anticipation of Trojan-Spartan games tomorrow.


In short, campers are having a blast.


Before I leave this (relatively short) blog, let me also share some additional thoughts. While activities are obvious, they are only part of the camp experience. In fact, we place a premium on the non-activity aspects of camp – cabin dynamics, counselor heroes and deep friendships. These aspects of camp are harder to measure or photograph, so they are easy to overlook at any given time.


But please know that WE are not overlooking them.


I am so pleased at the energy level and positivity of our staff. Having done this for over 25 summers, I can say with certainty that this is a truly excellent team. It is a pleasure to work with a group of people united behind a worthy mission (helping your children grow into strong champions).


Finally, your children are a constant source of laughs, smiles and joy. Susie Ma’am and I feel so blessed.


Steve Sir