Virtual Camp: Nightly Rituals

Posted by Steve Baskin on Mar 19, 2020 3:07:03 PM
Steve Baskin
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Here is today’s Virtual Camp recommendation for your family: a Nightly Ritual.


We know there is much to be concerned about, but there is also much still to celebrate.


At camp, every cabin has an evening gathering (Nightly Ritual) where they share thoughts about their day. While each cabin has its own style, we encourage campers to share their own daily “Delta Plus”.


The “Delta” simple. What would I have done differently today? Perhaps I would not have overreacted when a friend stepped on my trunk or I might have wished I tried a little harder to learn to ski.


The “Plus” is whatever you are most grateful for: a long talk with a counselor, reaching the top of the Pirate Ship, swapping jokes with friends.


Basically, this is practicing gratitude. (If you are a geek like me, this TEDx talk helps explain part of the reasons. Shawn Achor is a friend of Camp Champions and even helped us think of ways to increase gratitude and “happiness”. Also, he is funny.)


The idea is to get together with your family each evening and simply share one Delta and 2 or 3 Plusses. Since there are fewer of you than an average cabin, you can go more into depth.


The key rule is that the Deltas and the Plusses (the things to work on and the “gratitudes”) need to be different each day. You may even ask each person to write them down before you talk about them.


My Delta: I want to improve on being fully present when I listen. One of our college-aged children was sharing a story with me last night and I found my mind wandering to other thoughts. But how often does a child WANT to talk with a parent? I will not miss that chance today.


My Plusses:

  • A partner (Susie Ma’am) that makes my days lighter.
  • Having 3 college-aged children in the home who want to share and help.
  • A job that we love that makes a difference.
  • Technology that helps keep our camp community connected even when we are apart.
  • Our parents that are still with us (Susie’s) and the legacy of those who are still in our hearts (mine).


OK, I cheated and did too many Plusses, but I got carried away.


We hope this helps bring joy and positivity to you and your family!


Steve Sir