Virtual Camp: Reasonable Risks

Posted by Kate Hutson on Mar 27, 2020 2:47:40 PM
Susie Maam Belly Flop


In our final blog about our 4 R’s, we’re covering reasonable risks.

At camp, we provide challenging, but safe risks for campers of all ages. Sometimes, just attending overnight camp is taking a big risk! Taking healthy risks, like climbing the rock wall or performing music in front of an audience, leads to excitement and growth. 

How can our campers take reasonable risks during this time?

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

This time provides the perfect opportunity to learn something new! Whether it’s playing an instrument, doing a virtual exercise class, cooking a new recipe, or trying your hand at knitting, there are plenty of new skills and hobbies to learn. Luckily, there are online tutorials for almost every area of interest, so take that risk and try something new! 

Use Reasonable Health Precautions

When you must be in public for essential reasons, remember to use reasonable health precautions. Always practice cleanliness and good hygiene, washing your hands frequently so you don’t spread germs. Remember to stay a reasonable distance away from other people and to limit physical contact.

Did you know “Reasonable Risks” is Susie Ma’am’s favorite “R” of all? She takes reasonable risks often, but a CC favorite was when she participated in the Camp Champions belly-flop contest!