Virtual Camp: Responsibility

Posted by Kate Hutson on Mar 23, 2020 4:49:19 PM




In the first blog discussing our 4 R’s, we begin with responsibility.

At camp, we encourage campers to be responsible for their belongings and their cabin areas. Beyond material possessions, we also reinforce that campers should take responsibility for their words and actions. We strive to teach campers to be personally accountable for all that they do.

How can our campers practice responsibility during this time at home?

House Cleanliness

At camp, we have daily cabin inspection, which ensures campers make their beds, sort and fold their clothes, and clean the cabin. While campers might not continue doing these same tasks at home, we can assure you they have the basic skills to help clean up around the house. This time provides a great opportunity for campers to take responsibility by helping to keep their spaces at home clean. At camp, we provide weekly incentives for cabins who stay “OTS- On The Streak!” (cabins who pass all inspections that week). We encourage our camp families to reinforce responsibility though cleaning, perhaps even with some fun “OTS” prize incentives!

Practice Good Hygiene & Wellness Habits

More than ever, this is an important time to ensure we all practice good personal hygiene and wellness habits. For the health of ourselves and those around us, you can show responsibility by covering your mouth if you cough, washing your hands thoroughly throughout the day, and avoiding physical touch with people outside the home. Practicing personal hygiene and wellness is a simple, but important way to act responsibly right now.

Help Around the House

Along with basic cleanliness, campers can also take responsibility for helping out around the house in other ways during the day. We’d love to see our campers helping out their younger siblings, taking care of the family pets, and maybe even helping to cook a meal (great practice for OCP this summer!). With some extra time at home with the family, we hope our campers can practice responsibility in new ways around the house.

Has your camper displayed responsibility in a new way this week? Send us a picture at or tag us on Instagram so we can see what our responsible Champions have been doing!