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Posted by Carlen Long on Oct 6, 2015 11:39:16 AM

Our amazing counselors being silly and fun.

“Working at camp this weekend made school seem like a vacation. I felt like I was just coming back home, back to a normal day at work.”

I heard this from a 2015 counselor who had worked at camp all summer, then went off to college for the first time in late August. He came back to work Family Camp at the end of September, over a month and a half after camp had ended. The days at Family Camp were similar to the days he had had at camp: a few hours facilitating at the Pirate Ship, belaying at the climbing wall, eating meals at the Fillin Station, relaxing with fellow counselors, and leading games and free play with the campers.

And even though it was just one weekend – barely two days, out of the over 50 he spent at college – it was college that was the “vacation,” and camp that was coming home.

It’s moments like these that remind us that the influence and the benefits of summer camp extend far beyond just the 3 weeks (or 12 weeks, in this counselor’s case) that you are here. For a counselor who has grown up at camp, it’s clear that the cumulative effect of all of his three week camp terms has turned camp into a home away from home. (Yes, I know that phrase is cliché. But it’s just so fitting!) While he’ll undoubtedly spend many more hours at college than at camp over the next few years, time spent at camp is highlighted, heightened, and made more meaningful for its brevity.

We love hearing that our counselors, the incredible people who make the magic happen for our campers every day, truly love and cherish this place. It’s especially impressive given that most of the hours they spend here are long, hot, and hard. But when you’re doing work that you love, surrounded by people who care about you, none of that matters.

These little reminders we get from time to time, whether from parents, counselors, or campers, remind us why we dedicate 9 months of work for 3 months of camp craziness. It’s a special privilege to create a place of love and support for so many people!

Carlen Ma'am

Originally from Austin, I am a long time Camp Champions camper and counselor. The past 3 summers, I have led the Horseback and Outdoors Departments. I graduated from Pomona College in May 2015, and I am so excited to be working full-time at Camp Champions! Throughout this year, the CC staff and I will be posting blogs relating to our own experiences, improvements at CC, new research concerning the benefits of summer camp, and more. We are dedicated to keeping our camp families up-to-date on life in the camp world, and we would always love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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