Creating Strong Kids

The Pandemic and Parenting

Reflecting on the Gifts of Camp (Even in Winter)

Making Strong Campers (Growing "Stress Wood")

Definition of a Champion

The Adventure Begins

Every New Beginning

CC In The News: Wall Street Journal on How Camps Can Run Safely

Solutions for the Hidden Dangers of Social Media

The Hidden Danger: Saving Our Children From Social Media

Camp is Like College

A Final Thank You

Life is What Your Sort For

Building Strong Kids

Senior Camper Program

Reaching Out to Others

Simply Joys

The Tiger Story, Part 2

The Inane Can Keep You Sane

The Great 8: The Benefits of Summer Camp on Skill Development

Taking Reasonable Risks

Summer Camp and Orthodontia

Showing Respect

Staying in the Bubble (or "Missing Wal-Mart")

Our Warrior vs Our Worrier

Taking Responsibility

Freezing at Room Temperature

The Four Rs

Trading Certainty for Awe

The Siren Song of the Silicon

Embracing Intentionality

Homesickness and Growth, Part 2

Getting Ready for College, a High Schoolers Thoughts

Camp Champions In ABC News Article

Falling in Love with Camp (by Susie Ma'am)

Counselor Heroes

An Unflappable Teen

Homesickness and the Letter

Helping Kids Shine

Reinventing Yourself

Fourth Term is Here (and We are Thrilled)!

Bonus Blog About Cookies (Consider it Dessert)

Disruptive Moments at Sleepaway Camp 

Suddenly Superstitious

Pickleball Power!

A Surprising Revelation

Super Torchlight

The Happiness Spigot - Correction

Missing Leah Ma'am and Robbie Sir

Hellenic Heroes (and Other Camp Lingo)

Toggling Between Extremes

Toasting the T-Bone Club

Strength From the Silver Fox

Tech Free and Happy

Showing Off Some Cool Stuff

A Letter to a Daughter

Third Term is Here!

Camp is not Like Take-out Pizza

Steve Sir's Feelings (Highly Optional Blog)

Creating Citizens

The Stoic Gods

Simple Joys Part 2

A Dignified Dog(?) and Neighborhood Fireworks

Creating Crafty Cookies

Supporting our Counselor Heroes

Explanation of Torchlight Ceremony

Limitation or Liberation?

Age Is Just a Number (That Varies)

Celebrating and Reflecting

Screamer, The Dragon

Susie Ma'am and A Proper Tea Party

Cool Stuff You Missed

BEElieving Camp is Awesome

21st Century Skills

The Power to Choose Your Attitude

Savoring Connections

A Salute to Chef Travis

Welcome To 2nd Term (And We Thought It Might Not Happen)

Deep Thoughts and Simple Joys

Silly Animal Blog

First Ever Field Torchlight

Traditions and Magic

Appreciating Being Silent (If Only Briefly)

Wise Women

An Unexpected Improvement

Dance Night 2020

How Cohorts Make Camp Possible

Better than the "Best Case"?

A Thank You to First Term Parents

Camp. Is. Here!

Tomorrow is Camp!!

Expert Guidance We're Following This Summer

Social Skills at Camp

Raising Kids to Act Courageously

Tina Payne Bryson, Fear, and Toothpaste

A Few Thoughts On Happiness

Expressing Gratitude

What I Know

TEDx Follow Up Talk

An Encouraging Email From a Camp Family

How To Have A Full Day

Giving Help Or Getting Help

Seeing COVID-19 Through My “Camp Glasses”

60 Year-Old Steve

Virtual Camp: Thank You to Essential Workers!

Clarifying Thoughts about Camp This Summer

Virtual Camp: Reasonable Risks

Virtual Camp: Respect

An Inspiration from My Mom: A Trip to Peru

Virtual Camp: Reaching Out

Virtual Camp: Responsibility

Virtual Camp: The FAB 25

Virtual Camp: Nightly Rituals

Welcome to Virtual Camp

Homesickness is a Good Thing

Why Your Child is Ready for Sleep-Away Camp

Honoring My Mother

The Four R's in 30 Seconds

Wrapping Up the Summer

A Full, Crazy Day

Contemplating the Empty Nest

A Cabin is Like a Campfire

Scotland at Camp

"Painting Up"

Camp Champions and the Space Program

Nice Things

Inspiring Mission Statements

Talking with Teens

Touring with Tom

Free Water!!

Welcome to Fourth Term!!

Future Campers and Past Friends

Introducing the Slushingo!

Friends that Truly Rock

The Loudest Spies in the World

Guest Blog: Blessed to See the Growth

Falling in Love With Camp, Part 2

Adapting Our Parenting Goals

A Small Act of Kindness

Mixing Up the Days

Dealing with Digital Addiction

Rabbit Wrangling and Being a Director

Feeling Young (Looking Less So)

Starting Camp Right

Keeping It Fresh (With BBQ Sauce)

The Daily Blog Explained

Third Session is Here!!

Nightly Rituals (and a Correction)

A Jolt of Joy

An Odd Blog Inspiration

An Awesome Lake Swim

Celebrating Camp Legacies

Watching Our Children Grow

The Fourth Was Fabulous!

Guest Blog: Gulture

Rocking the Mellow Yellow Dance

Behind The Scenes Stars

Increasing Optimism

The "Feel" of Camp

At Camp, Children Truly "Matter"

Part of the Magic Show

Voicemail is SOOO 2010!

Celebrating a Major Award

Hanging With Our Campers

Appreciating Camper Differences

Rainy Days and Mondays Don't Get Us Down

The First 48: Making Magic

Welcome to Second Term!

Inspired by Senior Camper Wisdom

Calls, Letters and Questionable Sanity

Better than Resilient

What's It Like to Be a Director?

Celebrating the Hearth (Our Fine Arts Center)

Learning "Teaming"

A Random Blog

Ms Champini and Guy Stuff

Mellow Yellow Fellows

The Power of Slushies

Fun Follow-Up on the Storm

A Meteorological Adventure

Relying On Our Children?

The Sunscreen Patrol

Camp as Test Prep? You Bet!

Spending Time with your Kiddos

Sweet Potato Fries - A Life Lesson

Loving Division Night

Susie Ma'am - The Spokeswoman

Simple Joys

Welcome to 1st Term 2019

Less Social Media, More Teamwork

A Manifesto to Strength

Say Welcome to Wally Sir!

A Must-See Video

Being Outside and Being Together: How We Play Matters

Beyond Resilience: Preparing Our Children to Thrive

Joy in the Rain

Guest Blog II: Why I Come Back

Swimming Strong, Losing Shoes, Gaining Confidence

Trojan-Spartan Water Relay

Guest Blog: "Funemployed"