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The Hidden Danger: Saving Our Children From Social Media

Posted by Meg Clark on Nov 11, 2020 11:29:13 AM

14 years ago, a dear friend and exceptional camp professional named Meg Clark started a new camp called Camp Lonehollow - a rare and daunting task.  From the start, we at Camp Champions felt a great kinship to Lonehollow.  Like us, Meg saw camp as a uniquely powerful opportunity to help young people grow into caring, confident and contributing adults.  She shares both our passion for teaching life skills (from leadership to collaboration to resilience) and our concerns regarding social media.  Camp Lonehollow is now part of the Young Life family, but Meg continues to be a leader in our industry serving on the Board of the American Camp Association.

In a recent conversation, we simultaneously suggested the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” to each other.   We see it as a clarion call to parents and young people to understand their challenges (even threats) of social media.  Since she is a thought leader without a platform, I have invited her to share her thoughts on the Camp Champions blog.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom Meg!

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Meg Clark

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