Clarifying Thoughts about Camp This Summer

Virtual Camp: Reasonable Risks

Virtual Camp: Respect

An Inspiration from My Mom: A Trip to Peru

Virtual Camp: Reaching Out

Virtual Camp: Responsibility

Virtual Camp: The FAB 25

Virtual Camp: Nightly Rituals

Welcome to Virtual Camp

Homesickness is a Good Thing

Why Your Child is Ready for Sleep-Away Camp

Honoring My Mother

The Four R's in 30 Seconds

Wrapping Up the Summer

A Full, Crazy Day

Contemplating the Empty Nest

A Cabin is Like a Campfire

Scotland at Camp

"Painting Up"

Camp Champions and the Space Program

Nice Things

Inspiring Mission Statements

Homesickness and the Letter

Talking with Teens

Touring with Tom

Free Water!!

Welcome to Fourth Term!!

Future Campers and Past Friends

Introducing the Slushingo!

Friends that Truly Rock

Our Warrior vs Our Worrier

The Loudest Spies in the World

Guest Blog: Blessed to See the Growth

Falling in Love With Camp

Adapting Our Parenting Goals

A Small Act of Kindness

Mixing Up the Days

Dealing with Digital Addiction

Rabbit Wrangling and Being a Director

Getting Ready for College, a High Schoolers Thoughts

Homesickness and Growth

Feeling Young (Looking Less So)

Starting Camp Right

Keeping It Fresh (With BBQ Sauce)

The Daily Blog Explained

Third Session is Here!!

Nightly Rituals (and a Correction)

A Jolt of Joy

An Odd Blog Inspiration

An Awesome Lake Swim

Celebrating Camp Legacies

Watching Our Children Grow

The Fourth Was Fabulous!

Guest Blog: Gulture

Rocking the Mellow Yellow Dance

The Great 8: The Benefits of Summer Camp on Skill Development

Behind The Scenes Stars

Increasing Optimism

Camp is Like College

The "Feel" of Camp

A Surprising Revelation

At Camp, Children Truly "Matter"

Senior Camper Program

Part of the Magic Show

Voicemail is SOOO 2010!

Celebrating a Major Award

Hanging With Our Campers

Appreciating Camper Differences

Rainy Days and Mondays Don't Get Us Down

The First 48: Making Magic

Welcome to Second Term!

Inspired by Senior Camper Wisdom

Calls, Letters and Questionable Sanity

Better than Resilient

What's It Like to Be a Director?

Celebrating the Hearth (Our Fine Arts Center)

Learning "Teaming"

A Random Blog

Ms Champini and Guy Stuff

Mellow Yellow Fellows

The Power of Slushies

The Four Rs

Fun Follow-Up on the Storm

A Meteorological Adventure

Relying On Our Children?

The Sunscreen Patrol

Camp as Test Prep? You Bet!

Spending Time with your Kiddos

Sweet Potato Fries - A Life Lesson

Loving Division Night

Susie Ma'am - The Spokeswoman

Simple Joys

Welcome to 1st Term 2019

Less Social Media, More Teamwork

A Manifesto to Strength

Say Welcome to Wally Sir!

A Must-See Video

Being Outside and Being Together: How We Play Matters

Beyond Resilience: Preparing Our Children to Thrive

Joy in the Rain

Guest Blog II: Why I Come Back

Swimming Strong, Losing Shoes, Gaining Confidence

Trojan-Spartan Water Relay

Guest Blog: "Funemployed"

I'm Just Excited!

Choosing the Right Mask

Finding Fun in Different Places

The Epic Tale of Camp Rampions

A Few Fun Photos

Cake in the Face!

Memories from the Man Cave

Hanging 20

Susie Ma'am - Adorer of Children and Animals

The Beauty of Fires

Saving You from a Year of Japanese Elementary School

Conquering the Lake Swim

Sending Ripples Through Time

Man Cave and Teamwork

Cool Drinks and Fun Cards

Even West Point Is Impressed

Bonus Blog: A Webinar

Managing the Heat

Wisdom from High Schoolers

Speaking International "Slushy"

Helping Kids Shine

A Quick Look at Some Improvements

A Colorful Mystery

Odd Trojan-Spartan Games

No, Really, This is a GREAT Postcard

Slippery Memories

"That's An Old Radio, Right?"

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Camp Directors

Three Negative Trends

What's It Like to Be a Camp Director?

The Fourth of July at Camp

Struggle and the Chrysalis

Camp is the Last Elephant or "Being Civil"

Majestic or Silly?

Dignity Not Required

Losing The Right to Claim Youth

A Few Quick Moments from Camp

Spending Time With Campers

Silliness at Division Night

Camp Is Off and Running (With Some Cool New Stuff)

Welcome to Third Term!

Final First Term Blog

"Camp Makes Social Media Seem Irrelevant"

The Three-Legged Stool of Education

Boys' Side Creativity (At Last)

Doing Pranks the Right Way

Can I Call Myself an Adult?

My First Webcast

A Night of Variety

A Treat for Our Oldest Senior Campers

Reflecting on Some Maternal Wisdom

Welcoming Batter Up (and Laser Tag)

Warriors in Many Lands

Mixing It Up on the Weekend

Finding New Fun

Appreciating the Quiet Moments

Purple Peace and Simple Joys

Counselor Heroes

Spending Quality Time with Each Cabin

Do Not Try This at Home

21st Century Skills

Short Bonus Blog: Susie Ma'am's Wisdom

Making Camp Better Every Year

Directors for New Families: An Origin Story

The #1 Antidote to Digital Anxiety

What Parents Can Do About Digital Anxiety

How Digital Anxiety is Affecting Our Kids

Camp and Russia

Fillin' Station Improvements

Final Goodbyes

Two Awesome Letters

A Confusing Initiation

Saving a Generation - One Camper at a Time

Emulating My Grandmother

Creating Magic at Camp

The Joys of the Final Week

Teens Living With Purpose

Thinking about Our Children Leaving

Holiday Hoopla and Tribal Paint

The Dudes of Decor

A Creative Battle

Welcome to Camp!

Discussing What Is Important With Teens

Enjoying Week Three

Saying Goodbye

Missing My Blog

A SImply Lovely Day

Growing Grit at Camp

The Majesty (and Silliness) of Trojan-Spartan Games

All Camp Super Camp Fun Day

Thrones, Therapy and Skeletons

Unicorn Ninjas

Being a Camp Director

Enjoying Hang Out Time with the Campers

Getting off to a Great Start

Seeing additional Blogs

A Truly Full Day

Holiday Hoopla Dance

Fun With Photos

Am I an Adult?

Seeing Growth in our Teens

All Camp Super Camp Fun Day

Practicing Gratitude

An Unexpected Performance

The Rigga Spa

Celebrating the 4th of July

A Hellenic Battle on Lake LBJ

Expecting More From Teens

At the Center of Camp

Spending Time With Every Cabin

Our Weekly Meeting and a Visitor

Camper-Inspired Silliness, or A Camp Wedding

Nightly Rituals

Chasing Animals and Two Tidbits

A Truly Full Day

Honoring My Brother

Favorite Day and Creative Plaques

Energy is Growing at Camp

A Day of Costume CHanges

Talking About Parents with Teens

Life is What Your Sort For

A Few Tidbits of Fun

Golden Oldie Books

Hanging at the Hearth and SImple Kindness

Rocking the Red Dance

Bringing the Gifts of Camp Home

Getting Recognition in the Press (and the Rhythms of Camp

Happy CHildren and Happy Adults

Becoming the Best Versions of Ourselves

Counselor Orientation

Finding Inner Beauty

The Siren Song of the Silicon

Disruptive Moments at Sleepaway Camp 

The Ideal Age and Lego Models

Camp Dances Mean Camp Silliness

Trying to Be Old and Cool

Definition of a Champion

Three Reasons to Attend a Sleepaway Camp

Final Thoughts on the Inca Trail

Day Two on the Inca Trail Plus Poker

Day One on the Inca Trail

Talking About the Inca Trail

Getting Ready for The Inca Trail

Airports and Altitude

Paragliding in Peru

Susie Loves Lima

Loving Lima

Two Odd Cultural Trends

Teatro, Tango and Friends

Our Day as a Seinfeld Episode

Rediscovering Buenos Aires

From Patagonia to Purgatory

Honey and Logistics

Feeling Pain with the Fellas

Four Seasons in a Day

The Universe Conspired to Help Us

Carpe Freeze-um

More Hiking, But Less Susie

Surviving the Peaks of Patagonia

Watching a Glacier Calf

Going South - WAY South

Sleep Deprivation Destroys Harmony

Almost Conquering Jet Lag

Continuing the Wrong Tradition (and a Note on Bushfires)

A Nod to the Land of the Kiwis

A Good Day Recruiting

Meeting Dingo Sir

Flies and Brekky

Bowling in Oz

Now It Makes Sense - Our Second Day on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Trail

Happy Birthday to the Boys

Losing Our Brake Pads

Saying Ta-Ta to Tasmania

The Oddest Museum Ever

Finding Truth in the Rain


Hanging Out In Hobart

Special Moments Off the Beaten Path

Cricket, Flame-Throwers and Aristotle

"Try to Not Get Bit . . ."

Feeling Home In Australia

Summer in December

Dealing with a Difficult Dude

A Day on the Sydney Harbor

Biking With the Quakkas

Flying to Sydney

Beaches and Family

Kitsch and Koalas

Perth has Won Us Over

Fireworks in Perth

Pros and Cons on Bali

Not as Young as I Thought

Seeing a Blue Flame and Feeling Some Appreciation

Visiting the Volcano

Shifting Gears is Hard to Do

Bonus Blog: Bali Beauty

Goodbye Comfort

Getting a Little Separation

Rain and Fun in Ubud

Becoming a Golden Oldie

A Fun Reunion in an Odd Place

Rafting Without Warnings

Notes on the First Days in Bali

Our Balinese Family (Without Elizabeth Gilbert)

Visiting Another Inspiring Orphanage

Camp is a Gift to Our Children

The Singapore Garden

SIngapore is a Kindergarten Teacher

Food and Shopping In Singapore

A Day of Recovery (and Silliness)

Saying Goodbye to a Loved Camper

Comparing Japan and Myanmar

Redeeming Yangon: the Shwedagon Pagoda

Depressed by the Yangon Zoo

The Drive that Should have Never Happened

Bonus Blog - Lobby Art and Restaurant Roulette

Karma, Myint Style

John Denver (?!) and a Long Hike

Appreciating the Oddity of Inle Lake

Fire Balloons and Killer Bacteria

Rice Cakes, But No Sunrise

Driving to Inle - No Small Adventure

Ballooning Over Bagan

Ruined by the Ruins

Wipe Outs and Independent Discoveries

An Instant Classic in Bagan

In the Third WOrld Now

Leaving Japan and Waking too Early

Deer Violence and A Cool Gate

5 Things Camp Champions Does to Help New Families

Go Carps, and Hello Hiroshima

A Haiku for a Hostel

Zen and the Art of City Strolling

We Love Kyoto, But Struggle with Trip Advisor

Cute Deer, a Giant Buddha and Pachinko

Baskin Travel Mode

Reflections on Tokyo, Pt 2

Reflections on Tokyo (and High Tech Toilets)

The Mash Up Day

Halloween in Tokyo - Wow!

Receiving a Blessing

The Suffering T-Rex

The Soba Nazi

The Gift of Travel is Resilience

The China Prologue

Favorite Camp Memories from our Alumni

Celebrating our 50 Summers at Camp Champions!

Champions Educational Foundation

The Battle of the Bills

Surf, Penguins and the End of the Earth

To the Top of Table Mountain

Gluttony in Cape Town

THe Awkward Visit to a Club for Young Girls

Driving in Soweto, or What was I Thinking?

Bonus Blog: Baskin the Buffoon

Apartheid and The Wisdom of Mandela

Johannesburg: Better Than We Expected

Rwandan Hodge Podge

Tanzanian Hodge Podge

Tanzanian Politics, Al Capone and Tipping

Travel Travails II, Virginia the Criminal

Travel Travails I: Super Security and an Endangered Monkey

Walking to Gorillas and Dancing with the Tribe

Olafactory Overload

Fist-Bump Fossey Style

The Roads of Rwanda

The Rwandan Genocide

Admiring the Chaga

Our Second Impressive Educator

Soaring Sam and Lashes

Cubs Like Kittens

The Mandatory Animal Photo Blog

Welcome to Mandy-Land!

Hunting with the Tribe

Bonding with the Maasai

Tents and Chargers

Dr Susie Saves the Day

A Great Day, a Hard day (pt 2)

A Great Day, a Hard Day (pt 1)

The Spare Parts Animal

Onesmo and a Lesson in Value

Watching the Lioness Hunt

Taken to New Heights

Living in Community

Maasai and More

Close Encounters of the Longed Neck Kind

Arriving in Tanzania

The Journey Begins

Saying Goodbye to Camp

Proving The Benefits of Camp

Proud of Our Camp Community

Tiger On the Prowl

Not an Actual Life Skill

The joys of the Final Week of Camp

Camp Champions and West Point

Camp is My Other Family

"I Love Those Chickens"

Secret Agents on a Mission

Susie Ma'am, The Educator

Greeting the New Campers

Savoring our Community

Getting a Boost From Ben Sir's Band

Bonus Blog: A Letter from a 7th Grader

The Tiger Story and the Tiger Club

I'm So Glad I Came Back

Our Warrior Sons

The United Nations of Camp Champions

Yoga and the Center of Camp

Vespers and Being Kind

Why I Return to Camp

Camp CHampions in Texas Highway Magazine

Swatting Hornets and Pulling Weeds

Leading as Teens

Doritos, Laughter and a Mild Allergy

The Buck Did Not Stop Here (and a Safari)

Letters from Second Session

Third Session is Here!

Saying Goodbye

Short Blog = Happy Camp

How Camp WIll Help You Get Into Medical School

The Best Job in the World

The Typical Day is not So Typical

Creating the Best Arts Center

Writing Mission Statements

Painted Counselors and SPecial Moments

Realizing How Much You Love Your Parents

Making Safety Cool (or at least coolish)

Nothing Subtle about July 4th at Camp Champions

Camp Friends are Truly Special

12 Year Old Wisdom

What the Heck is That?

Siblings and Camp

Chatting with ABC News

Spending Time with the Campers

Off to a Great Start

Camp Helps Confidence

Until Next Year . . .

A Cool Lesson on a Busy Day

Family Camp and Our 50th Celebration

Wrapping Up and Writing Reports

The Important People Never Leave Us

Rain Power and Dishes

A Fathers Day Blog

A Super Solo Walk

The Supreme Court and Camp

A HUSH Fell OVer the Crowd

"My Best Summer at Camp Was . . ."

Summers Are Different

Nice Moments from Our Senior Campers

Camp Reality is Better than Normal Reality

Our Campers Leaving the Nest

Fiesta and Incentives

No Place to Go, Nothing to Do

My Odd "Workplace"

Helping our First time Campers Feel Welcome

Chasing Animals and Appreciating Camper Wit

Welcome to our 50th SUmmer!

Benefits of Summer Camp: It's Like College, Just A Little Early

Summer Camp, Sibling Rivalry, and Conflict Resolution

Summer Camp and Dyslexia: A "Reset Button" To Set Kids Up For Success In School

How Camp Provides Unique Advantages

Camp Geek: Growth Mindsets and Praise

Learning Skills At Summer Camp: Outdoors

Success in College and a Personal Letter: Part 2

Success in College and a Personal Letter: Part 1

Sleepaway Camp as a 2nd Friend Network: An Insulation Against Social Cruelty

What Is The Ideal Summer Camp Term Length For My Family?

Summer Camp Reviews (2016)

Summer camp in Texas: Best resident camps in Dallas (2016)

Summer camp in Texas: Best resident camps in Austin (2016)

Improving College Admissions

Summer camp in Texas: Best resident camps in Houston (2016)

Summer camp in Texas: Best resident camps in the hill country (2016)

Horseshoe Bay, TX Named International Dark Sky Community

Why Go Tech Free in a Technological World?

Christmas Gifts for Grandkids: Choosing Impactful Holiday Gifts from Grandparents

Improvements at Camp, Part 2

Improvements at Camp

What Sustains Us - Love Letters From Campers

What Sustains Us - Love Letters From Parents

What Sustains Us - Love Letters From Counselors

Camp's Quiet 

Ripples Through Time and Space - Beyond Summer Camp in Texas

An Appreciated Email on the Benefits of Summer Camp

Simple Joys of Free Play

Pool Torchlight

Our Best Staff Ever

Savoring the Last Days of Overnight Camp

A Note of Appreciation from a First Time Camper

Finding What is Loveable

Camping Legacies (and Feeling a Tad Older)

The First 48 Hours of Overnight Summer Camp

Saying Goodbye to Sleepaway Camp. . . Maybe

More Good News for Sleepaway Camp

Worry Less About Success in College

The Benefits of Summer Camp and "Disruptive Moments"

Grooving the Chaco Tan (Texas Summer Camp Trends)

Going the Extra Mile - With Pancakes!

13 Time Zones and Smiling

A Future Camper on the Way!

Friendship Games (and a Snake Tale)

Susie Ma'am and Camp Education

An Unexpected Gift

On a Safari in a Texas Summer Camp

An Apt Ending to the Best Summer Camp in Texas

A Truly Special Day

Sleepaway Camp Life Is an Odd Life

I Know I Have Forgotten Something . . .

Teachable Moments in Outdoor Education, Creative Learning, and More

How Old is My Child?

Helicopter Parenting and Drumming - Which Can Build Confidence?

The Tooth Collector

Musings of a 10 Year-Old

Creative Learning, Collaborative Play and Elaborate Confectionery

Slowing Down for Vespers

Avoid Interviewing for Pain

Celebrating the 4th of July, Texas Summer Camp Style

Unsure of My Age

Priming: Starting and Ending the Day Right at Sleepaway Camp

Camp Dance 101: Free Play and Silliness

Our Fabulous First Time Campers

Rules for the Trip

The Mother of Dragons?

News Travels Oddly at Overnight Summer Camp

The Odd Overnight Camp Time Warp

Love Letters To Camp

Canoes and Role Modeling: A Frame for Younger Campers

A Personal Note on Fathers Day

Miss Champini and Mr Beiber - Creative Play and Utter Silliness

A Letter To Make This Summer Special - Disruptive Moments in Action

Treasuring Memories At Summer Camp In Texas

Learning from a Spaghetti Tower: How Failure Leads to Success

Creative Play at Camp

Making Meals Marvelous: Creating Healthy Habits At Camp

Trojan-Spartan Initiation

Striving to Improve

Making the Mundane More Magic

Summer Camp in China and the "3-Legged Stool" of Education

Creative Learning and Lego Lessons in the Man Cave

Homesickness and How to Build Confidence Away From Home

Dress for Success?

Homesickness and "The Letter": Thriving at Sleepaway Camp

Truth and Unicorns

Greeting First Time Campers and Green Acres Across Summer Camp in Texas

Summer Camp in Texas has Begun!

Is It Important For My First Time Camper To Attend Camp With A Friend?

How Camp Teaches That Failure Can Lead to Success

How Camp Encourages Creative Learning

How To Choose a Great Summer Camp: Day Camps Vs. Resident Camps

CNBC: "Summer camp improves college admission odds"

Are summer campers more likely to succeed in college?

At Camp, Failure Leads To Success

Summer Camp Mixes Fun and Growth

Learning Skills at Summer Camp: Fine Arts

Discovering a New Dream at a Summer Camp in Texas

7 Reasons to Hire a Summer Camp Counselor

Falling in Love with The Best Summer Camp in Texas

Benefits of Free Play at Summer Camp

Does Sibling Rivalry Occur At Camp?

How To Help Kids Build Self-Confidence

Mom, Am I Fat? Helping Girls Build Self-Confidence

Family Camp

The Final Blog

Reducing MY Screen Time

The Joys of Directing

Tigers and Treasure

Invisible Rain

Inspiring Excellence in the Face of Great Challenge

Welcoming Campers and Chasing Animals

Letting Them Go

A Magic Carpet Ride

Gratitude and the Keys to Happiness

Making Me Smile

The Camp Time Warp

Growing Braver By The Inch

Psychology Today Blogs

Camp Geek Goes to Washington

Explanation of Torchlight Ceremony

The Susie Ma'am Fan Club

Taking Responsibility

Becoming the Magician

A Super Fun Day

Camp and KIPP: Using Camp to Aid College Graduation

I Wonder Who Hates Thunder

Grateful Deeds

Raised by Alpacas

Cheesecake the Lowers Cholesterol

An Expert's Opinion on Summer Camp

Getting Time with Campers

Falling in Love with Camp (by Susie Ma'am)

Helping New Campers Feel Welcome

Camp is Here!

Chinese Education: Summer Camp in China

Coed vs Single Sex Camp: Advantages of a Single Sex Camp

Should My Child Bring a Friend to Camp

Best Summer Camps San Antonio Guide

10 Tips on How to Get your Child Ready for Summer Camp

How Long Should I Send My Child Away to Camp For

Should I Send My Child to a Christian Summer Camp

What's a good length of time for summer camp

Effective Discipline Techniques for Children: The Purpose Of Discipline: Part 3

Effective Discipline Techniques for Children: The Purpose of Discipline Part 2

Benefits of Long Summer Camp Session

Effective Discipline Techniques for Children

Overnight Camp Vs Academic Camp: What summer camp should I go to?

Best Overnight Summer Camp Houston 2014 Guide

Overnight Camp vs Sports Camp: What summer camp should I go to?

Best Overnight Summer Camps Austin 2014 Guide

Best Overnight Summer Camp Dallas 2014 Guide

Homesickness Strategies: Avoiding Homesickness at Summer Camp

Overnight Summer Camp Success: The First 48 Hours

Best Summer Camps Texas Hill Country 2014 Guide

How Much Should Summer Camp Cost?

Summer Camp Reviews: 2014 Best Summer Camps

6 Tips on Summer Camp Scholarships: How to find a campership

How to Teach Kids Optimism: The 5 Tips to Raise an Optimistic Child

Christmas Gifts for Grandkids: Choosing Impactful Gifts from Grandparents

Do Grades Determine Success?

A Sympathetic Scorpion?

The Final Week

Our Little Guests

Heart Above Head

Welcoming the New Campers

What I Love About Camp

A Happy Kayaker

Finding the Positive

Getting Nostalgic

Sweaty and Happy

Loving Sunday Evenings

Hard to be a Kid

Thumbs Up Salute

Man Cave and Friendship Circle

Loving the Quote Board

Great Camp Energy

Wonderful First Day

Welcome to Camp

Final Thoughts

Savoring Our Community

Camp Time is Not Normal Time

Continued Rain Blessings

Rain and Swims

Am I a Rookie?

Making My Day

Chaos, Cavemen and Drums

Wonderful Wednesdays

Appreciation in the Man Cave

Sunday at Camp

Camp Connections

The Quote Board

Lizards and Fireworks

An Exciting Letter

Greeting New Campers

Second Session is Sensational

Life is What You Sort For

Camp is not Like Take-out Pizza

Crazy, But Happy

Year Round Development

Family Camp

Dance, Meeting, Essay

Wisdom from Teenage Boys

Early Bird Registration

Lake Swim Challenge

Resilience and Contentment

Admissions Departments Love Senior Camper Program

The Late Torchlighter

Warrior vs Worrier

T-Bone Club

Complaint or Adventure?

Camp Rhythm

Reaching Out to Others

The Tiger Story

An Interesting Project (and Ask For Help)

Summer Camp and Orthodontia

Taking Reasonable Risks

Great Additions to Camp

Showing Respect

Rain Resilience

Friendship Game and Man Cave

The Magic of Cabin Living

Sundays at Camp

Jealous of Wrigley

Growing Grit

An Odd Pre-Camp Trip

Refining Resilience

Sending Champions into the World

Honoring a Fellow Camp Geek

My Parents Aren't Cool!

Creating Advantage in College

Teaching Teens to Lead

Michael Thompson is Coming to Town

Team 22, Great Fun - Even Better Kids

Back In the USA (they might send us back)

Saying Goodbye

Recreating Christchurch

Little to Share

Campervan Chaos


Peeking at the Penguin

Driving to Dunedin

A Fast Message from a Tired Blogger

Surviving the Bungy Jump

Facing Fear at Franz Josef

Adventure in the Sand

Seals and Sand

Choosing Variety

Struggling with the Blog with Flower Photos

A Brief Aside on Sleep

Rugby Love

Becoming a Bird lady

Weather in Wellington

An Enjoy-a-Bull Day

Taking On the Tongariro

New Zealand Hodge Podge

Digging Our Dessert

Cao Dai for the Western Guy

War and Bias

Saigon Summary

"My Parents Aren't Cool" and That's OK

What We Get on Tet

Ancestors and Kidnapping

Quick Correction

The Viet Awards

Vietnam vs China

The Market with Everything (and Then Some)

Positivity in Halong Bay

Fowls and Music

Bikes and Rice Fields

Great Arrangements If You Have Earplugs

Hien, Education and Tradition

Beauty, Steri-strips and History

Hanging in Hanoi

Cambodian Loose Ends and Gringo Pinball

Sadness for Susie (and Terrific Temples)

The Ugly Side of Cambodia

Taking in the Temples

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Germs, Morons and Dave

Reliving Copenhagen

Blood Letting and Food Prep (Not At the Same Time)

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Chiang Mai!

Keeping Pace with the Pachyderms

Wat Did We Do? Plenty.

Bears, Waterfalls, Fondue and a Tangent on Commerce

Lucky in Laos

A New Year's Quickie

Edsels and Vaccums

Leaving for Laos

Ssssilver Sssssees Ssssssnakes

Going Postal in Bangkok

Taking in Thai Temples

Christmas in Bangkok

Happy Birthday Susie!

An Excruciating Excursion

Have You Ever Been Mellow?

Pools and Politics

Departing Koh Phi Phi

Context and Community

Learning to Lounge

Resting with Regina

Great Memories Come Unexpectedly

Two Worlds, One Horse-Woman Statue

More Snippets from Nepal

Tough Topics at the Top of the World

Reflecting on the Trek I

Are We Guinea Pigs?

Humor on the Himalayas

Swoon on Poon Hill

Starting Our Trek

Mo-mos and Massages

A Smooth Search and an Odd Ride

Cruising Kathmandu or "It's Finally Foreign"

FInal Thoughts on China

Coping with Chaos

Understanding Hong Kong

Channeling Our Inner Sardine

Biking and Learning

Pursuing the Perched Pagoda

Foreign or Familiar? (and a Nosebleed)

Finding Awe on the Li River

Respecting Elders, At Least Most of the Time

Pageantry in Guilin

Black Friday in Shangahi

Trimming the Thanksgiving Turtle

Cooking Class and the 5 C's

Morning Assembly, Afternoon Noodles

Feng Shui, Shanghai and Shirtless Statues

Pu Pu Post (with Poetry)

Spanning the Centuries in Xi'an

Europe, Asia and an Unnecessary Discussion of Aesthetics

Odd Clappers, A Bummed Employee and a Heavenly Temple

Forgiveness, Forbidden City, Fresh and Fertility

The Old Man and the Wall

Palaces, Fires and Babies (not at the same time)

Fighting Jet Lag and Bad Haggling Skills

Thinking about the Challenge Ahead

The Journey Continues or Insanity Asian Style

Smurfs. A Ridiculous Number of Smurfs

Back Stateside

1990 Yearbook!

Last Day

Nearing the End (Probably a Good Thing)

Martyrs and Towers

Friends in London

Paris to London

Having an Art Attack

Lost and Louis

Notre Dame and Stained Glass

Paris and Giraffes


Dinner at the Hills

Seeing Museums and Friends

Appreciating Team Baskin

Leaving Kenny


Panicked Parents


Enjoying Extremes

Gaudi - A Bonus Blog

In Love with Barcelona

Conflict and Chocolate

Falling for Barcelona


Defending the Keep and Getting a Surprise

South of France, The Seedy Side


A Lovely Slow Day


Tuscany and Timeliness

Adventure in the Hills

Speed History of Rome

They Stole Our Names!

Friends in Rome

Cruisin' the Canals of Venice

Speeding and Bonding

Siren and Salzburg

Vienna - A Fading Flower

Finding Funkhgasse

Getting Deep in Budapest

Understanding My Father Better

The Budapest Blues

Get Your Sleep!

Truly Trying Travel

Change of Pace Blog

Exploring Prague

Czeching Out Slavic Medicine

Our Day in Berlin

Joining Germany

Walking in Copenhagen

Sunday in Copenhagen

A Truly Odd Day or A Chance to Have Some Tough Chats

Eating at a Fortress and Arriving in Denmark

First Day in Sweden and Picking Up Kenny

Starting the Journey (Or Why the Heck are We Doing This?)

Water from the Sky?

Short Note Late at Night

Things I Love About Camp

Flash Flood and Friendship Games

Batter Up, Vespers and Stories

ExtravaGONZO and Energy Crisis

Kneed a Wrap?

Unexpected Traditions

CC Lingo Guide

Confidence (and some flattery)

Memory Lane

The Two Best Things I Ever Did For My Children . . .

Making It Rain (and Finding Life's Sprinklers)

Siren Song of the Silicon

Doing the Dumpster Dance

Cartwheels, Robots and Scheduling

A Visitor at Camp

Green Acres and Home

Proof We Are Crazy (A Bonus Blog)

Lake Swim Warriors

Inspiration (and Confusion) from Senior Campers

Campers Adding Unnecessary Excitement

Maxi Tunnel and the Axe Man

Neon Fever and Nostalgia

July 4th and Inner Beauty

Friendship Circle, Man Cave and Mommy Mode

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Homesickness and Growth

Green Acres and Creative Rookies

Sending Our Children to Camp

Diversity at Camp Plus a Few Fun Stories

Parents Anonymous

Sprinklers, Ducks and Duct Tape

Finding the Inner Warrior (Plus the T-Bone Club)

The Tiger Story

Our Upbeat Weekly Meeting

Visitors, Vortexes and Variety

Camp Provides Critical Skills

Time Off (kinda)

Vespers on the Girls' Side

High Schoolers Find Their Hearts

Man Cave and Friendship Games

Where Are the Corn Dogs?!?

Batman, Mac 'n' Cheese and Advice

Scheduling and Backwards Day

The Year of Improvements

Orange You Glad We Have a Wood-Fired Oven?

Great First Day

Optimism and Success

Falling in Love With Camp

Batter Up arrives this Sunday

1980 Yearbook!

Tailgate @ UT!

1991 Yearbook



Camp is so close!

1981 Yearbook!

Camp Champions Volunteers

1974 Yearbook

Riverbend Art Gallery- Giving Back to Camp Champions

Digital Yearbook

First Digital Yearbook!

Welcome Back, Alumni!

Family Camp. Why Should Kids Have all the Fun?

A Cool Brees Blowing in Miami

A Beach Thanksgiving

I Love Our Community! or How Facebook Won Me Over.

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